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June 13, 2005



Sorry to be commenting on what for you is a rather old post - for me it's new this morning. I just thought I should thank you for leading me astray from the work I should be doing. I've at last decided I must wrench myself away from your various blogs, so this is by way of a "thank you for having me".

I've now forgotten exactly what I put into Google to reach this page. The question I was *trying* to get an answer to was "Is Belmanoir pronounced bel-uh-mee (ie Bellamy)?" Your article does not, alas, tell me. (I'm fairly confident about my Bellamy guess but, as you point out, one can be so easily misled by instinct. Amazingly, the internet doesn't seem to know the answer. Since, being British, I know perfectly well that if there is one thing more embarrassingly awful than an American failing to simply *know* how to pronounce daft names, it's a UK-born person with the same problem, I am feeling suitably humiliated.)

However, what your article does tell me, and what I'm most grateful for, is that my father did not invent the "Sissester" pronunciation. He always insisted on calling Ci-ren-ces-ter that (sorry - ain't changing), but I'd put it down to natural cussedness. He also pronounced "laboratory" in three syllables with the stress on the first, which is quite hard to do. I won't trouble you with his other linguistic quirks, but he was absolutely unshiftable on them. (Mind you, hearing that his position was supported on a US-based blog on the Internet might have done the trick...)

Thanks for this and other posts... I hope Hillary wins too. (Supporting the underdog is a well-known national characteristic :))

Duncan Hill

Except the pronunciation is neither "Siren-ses-ter" or "Sissester".

It's either "Siren-ster" or "Sisseter" (the latter is the "correct" pronunciation, but you only hear this from true local families).

"Siren-ses-ter" is only said by incomers or tourists who have never heard the correct pronunciation, and just seen it written.

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