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August 14, 2006



That was wonderful! The joke at the end made me laugh out loud.

The odd thing is that there's a Simpsons episode where they go to England and get extremely high on the candy because it has so much more sugar than ours does. I don't think they meant chocolate per se, but it's still weird.

And I enjoyed the Cathy reference because it reminded me of last week's episode of 30 Rock. They showed a fake Cathy strip where nearly all the lines were "chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! aack!!" around some discussion of Halloween and kids. Someone tells Tina Fey's character that they put what she said in the paper - and of course we think it's something horrible about kids - and then there's a flashback to her, with her hair straight and flat a la Cathy, grabbing it and yelling, flatly, "Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Aack!" It made me happy because she's so one-note and ridiculous, and Fey's depiction of her captured it perfectly.

There, now I've retold a sitcom joke at length to a total stranger. Ta da!

I recently realized that M&Ms taste like nothing. They don't do much to satisfy my chocolate cravings, but they're great when I want sugar. Fortunately, I live in the Bay Area, where there are tons of upscale fancy locally-made varieties of dark chocolate. If they stop selling out to Hershey's, we might eventually catch up with Europe....

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