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04 September 2006

Cedar Key at twilight (c. 1998)

Nctwighlightboats2 Here are two lovely photographs (well, I think they are lovely) of Cedar Key just around twilight.  The first is looking due east, with the sunset behind.  It's a bit dim, but I love the soft bluish lavender of the sky and that peculiar bright blue of the water that I associate with just those few moments before nightfall. 

It's just some houses/hotels and a few pontoon boats, but aren't the colors beautiful?

Ncsunsetwatercr This picture was actually taken first; and it's also facing east with the sunset behind.  You can see the reflection of the orange tints reflected in the house and the rocks.  I was trying to get more of a sense than I did of the waterfront town---visible around the bend---but I ended up liking this photograph just because it really gave me that "sunset on the Gulf" feeling, when the moments seem to rush by so fast.  Once the sun reaches a certain point on the horizon, it just seems to sink into the water.

Here's a photograph I posted several weeks ago of the moment just before it disappears.  This is Cedar Key; the building silhouetted on the left is---I'm pretty certain---the famous "Captain's Table" restaurant, where you get the best views of sunset over the Gulf ever (while eating heart of palm salad and seafood). 


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