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15 September 2006

Palatka Fountains--A Spring Evening

inlandFOUNTAIN2crThis was taken at the park on the St. Johns.  It's not as old as the car in the backgournd makes it appear; I think the date was probably 1997 or 1998.

Don---always facinated by water in any form---took this photograph.  I like the silvery effect of the light shining on the water.  You can tell it's late spring or early summer by the green of the grass and the trees in the background. 

inlandftn2CR He took this photograph during a completely different trip.  It was a winter's day and he took this photograph of the bridge looking through the spray from this rather ugly fountain.  It's a nice effect, though, I think. 

Nick took this photograph of gulls in December when his parents and I were walking around the park.



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