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15 September 2006

A View of the Bridge over the St. Johns River---Palatka Florida

inlandSTJOHNSCR This is one of my favorite photographs of the bridge over the St. Johns River.  This is from the little central Florida town of Palatka.  I took it from the riverbank, where there is an extensive park.  According to Wikipedia, the name comes from an Indian word meaning "cow crossing" or cow ford."  It was initially developed by the Spanish. 

Palatka is a very pretty old town, with beautiful old houses.  The atmosphere is what I'd call "sleepy"; it's an honest-to-God mainly unspoiled southern town, despite being not so very far from the coast.   Apparently---I am going by the same article---it went through its golden age in the 1880's.   Presumably this was the period when all the beautiful old homes were built.

Besides the riverbank park---which is rather a sad place these days, as it seems to attract a number of homeless people, poor things---there is Ravine State Gardens, certainly worth a look if you are ever near the town.  I went there once with my friend Rumcove



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