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February 04, 2007



I stumbled across this entry trying to find more that Jacob Clifton has written. His two recaps for The Office (especially Casino Night) are two of my absolute favorite--his style of writing is fantastic. I love M.Giant's recaps, too, but Jacob's delved so much deeper into not only the show, but culture as a whole, that I really wish he'd covered more episodes.
Your post here has inspired me to check out his recaps on other shows, even though I've never watched any of them.


Seriously? Jacob Clifton writes (at least on TWOP) just like (and maybe is a pseudonym of) Harry Knowles - terribly. It's just a train wreck and completely unreadable. The worst kind of melodramatic florid freshman year garbage. I can't believe I'm the only person who thinks this.


@TetaZdena, you're not alone. I think he's fantastic when he has solid editors behind him (I adore his early BSG and several Farscape recaps) to help whittle him down to something sensible. But when left to his own devices, he rambles in a horribly pretentious fashion that many seem to confuse with brilliance just because he has a great vocabulary. Here's a hint; when you're reading one of his recaps and stumble across a word you don't recognize, look it up. More and more these days, I'm finding that he has become the malapropism king.

Additionally, someone needs to fact check his recaps. With True Blood in particular, he is often flat out wrong when attributing dialog and actions to characters. Bonus points for being generally nasty around the forums.

How far the mighty have fallen.


@ Milla and TetaZdena -- you're not alone. To me, Jacob is one of the biggest windbags on TWOP, and as a moderator, he's what ladies use to keep themselves feeling fresh.

"The worst kind of melodramatic florid freshman year garbage."

That is a brillant analysis of his work -- and it didn't even take you 30 pages to get to the point.

I stopped reading his "recaps" when they stopped being about the show and more about how he felt about the show and his need to pontificate about it. I believe he just rambles because he thinks that every word that tumbles from his fingers on to the keyboard is golden. They're not.


i seriously LOVE jacob's recaps! and anyone who does is just an idiot ... this man is clearly extremely brilliant, culturally aware and frikkin HILARIOUS!!


' The worst kind of melodramatic florid freshman year garbage. '

I was going to go for 'pretentious ninth grader' but that's even better.

he's a git and nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is.

His Doctor Who recaps are unutterable garbage (literally) when he goes off on some garbled trip. Reading them here in England they're so embarrassing. We all love Doctor Who too, have done since we were kids, but the way he goes on about it is just so over the top is just cringe worthy. It's brilliant, we know, but don't go on about it because you just ruin it by taking all the subtlety and shouting it out at the top of your voice.

But at least they're not as turgid and ridiculous as the BSG ones. My God.


Not a fan of his Battlestar recaps but I love his Farscape analysis--there's recap of plot, understanding of character and some funny thrown in.

And he's flat out funny/mean with his American Idol stuff.


Jacob Clifton is awesome. There's no debate. The True Blood reviews are beyond awesome. It's like watching television with an extraordinary intelligent, eloquent and well-read person next to you. It's Zen-TV: if you watch The Apprentice, watch it totally, watch it with awareness and as if there was nothing else. It's subversive TV consumption, the opposite of dumbing down.

I agree that he (he?)'s is a writer before reviewer and as such some people might not like his style, maybe they prefer to read Charlaine Harris, but I for one am praying for a book to come out.


@katharina I completely agree. I find his writing insightful and hilarious. I might be one of the few, but I feel like I get so much more out of the show when I know I will read his recaps later. I don't write in the forums so I can't comment on his moderating abilities, but as a writer, I find him engaging, funny and thoughtful about his shows. The recaps that just list the events of each episode miss the point.

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I've stumbled into this discussion fairly late, but my admiration and, yes, love for Jacob's writing is huge.

And, to Milla from above... I have never had to look up an "unrecognizable" word in his work. An unfamiliar reference or concept may arise, but I always get the gist from the context in which it appears. Are you always so pinched-up and humorless? Please check with a trusted teacher, doctor or otherwise trusted professional; you may also be stupid.


I also stumbled on this page while looking for more writing by Jacob Clifton. His recaps of Doctor Who and Farscape are extraordinary. I love his prose style--intricate and idiosyncratic, but never pretentious or obscure.

Pretentious is the slur of choice for lazy readers. On the Intertubes, as on TV, it's a felony to Use Big Words, or to quote from the canon of modern English poets, much less quote from them with genuine insight. But the authors of Doctor Who and Farscape are not mouth-breathers; they read those poets and use those words, and their audiences can handle a bit of complexity.

I enjoy Doctor Who and Farscape, but Jacob's recaps have pretty much doubled my interest and emotional engagement with the shows. He has a particular flare for analyzing angst without draining it of value, and he has a wicked, kickass sense of humor. Here's hoping he is writing a novel on days when there's nothing on TV.

Sick of Stuck Up Losers from Austin

I find Jacob's Gossip Girl and Caprica recaps completely tedious and pompous. His long-winded, self-important ramblings do not strike me as "insightful" or "complex," just boring and repetitive. I just want to know who went home on American Idol - not your smug opinions about everything for 40 pages. I don't think it makes me "humorless" to be bored beyond belief by garbage being passed off as "analysis." Jacob sucks. He should leave twop and write a non sequitur masterpiece. That way those who choose to be bored to death may do so; the rest of us just want to know what happened on Caprica!


Jacob is a pompous ass, who thinks he's a better writer than he is. Apparently, he believes we're all interested in the "stream of consciousness" dribble that spurts from his keyboard.

Some of his early "Battlestar Galactica" recaps were good, until I realized that I didn't need to read a 40-page recap of an hour-long show that had nothing to do with the show itself, but Jacob's pathological need to show how "smart" he is.

If you want to read some really awful Jacob crap, try his online novel. There's a reason he's never moved beyond writing recaps and moderating at an Internet message board about television -- he's as inconsequential as it is.


Jacob's writing is dreadful. Total wank. I feel much the same as Spim. Having been brought up on Doctor Who, I just find his recaps utterly cringe-making. That he often seems to be the recapper for my favourite shows is one of the driving forces in my breaking up with TWoP and moving in with TVgasm.


These are pretty old posts, but hate for Jacob and his writing can never be expressed enough. What's with his off-topic philosophical ramblings about 'American Idol' and 'Gossip Girl'? GG may have, at one point, been a little deeper than it appeared at first glance but there's certainly never been enough hidden meaning to warrant pages upon pages of pseudo intellectual rambling. Don't even get me started on his AI recaps. I mean, who waxes poetic about AI? It's ludicrous.

Of course, anyone who lobbies criticism at his shit writing is denounced as "prissy", "stupid" and pathologically averse to insightful commentary. Personally, I like a little insight thrown into my recaps on top of the snark. But all Jacob does is ramble humorlessly and endlessly about his own life and beliefs and God knows what else without ever arriving to a point.

Jacob has also been rapidly declining. He's mean, spiteful and silences any dissenting opinions. Dude's gone totally off the reservation and I hope he's shown the door soon.

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