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April 19, 2007



Love this list. I resolved at a very early age never to marry and I haven't changed my mind about it in the last 25 years, but I am always fascinated about what a big deal others make of weddings and such, so I had a blast reading your list. Think of all the stress I never will have to go through! ;o)


Terrific list! My mom says that is great advice! :) My humans were married in Mexico - they did a "Weddingmoon" there, and it was easy and stree-free! For the same price that a small wedding would have cost them back in Canada, they had their wedding, honeymoon and two weeks vacation in Mexico! :) They didn't have as many guests as they would have in Canada, but all the important people were there.

Karen (Miscellaneous Mum)

What a detailed list. So much work, well done.

And, being Aussie, I recommend Muriel's Wedding ;)


I have just the right person to send this to!


I'm very happily married since 1996, but it was an interesting list nevertheless. We did a low-budget wedding and had a great time!
Thanks for visiting my collections TT. I don't have magnetic business cards, so if you ever want to get rid of those... *lol*!
Every tarot deck can be used for divination in my humble opinion. I Ching is something I'd like to do more with. So many things, so little time... ;-)


Definitely a great useful list. Must try and remember all of them for when I plan my wedding one day :)
In fact, I think I should send this to a friend of mine whose in the middle of the process. She'd be so happy!


You and I think alike! I've got four weddings this summer, and most of them are of the laid back variety :-)

Laughing Muse

I absolutely love Etiquette Hell. It's kind of pathetic that so many milestones in our culture - sixteenth birthday parties (or quinceranos, depending on culture), high school graduation, wedding - get turned into The End All Be All. It just puts so much stress on everyone, including the host(s); and then if it doesn't live up to expectations, people feel even more upset, like they missed out on something. Bleah...what a hideous waste of what's supposed to be a fun, joyful celebration!


All great suggestions! I did most of these except for my dress, I had to have the dream-dress. But the food and drinks yep best part of the wedding! And we had a friend do the photos and flowers...cheap wedding but not tacky! hehe

Thanks for your sweet comments on my TT today, about my kitty who died...


Hi there, this is a great TT, but just reading it validated my resolve never to get married.

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