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April 12, 2007


Christine (chicken-scratch)

Such a great list. Loved nos 6, 7 and 9. Those spoke directly to me.

I'm all about lessons learned from my parents on TT #9.

Kimo & Sabi

Hmmm...another way to ruin a relationship would be to make yer significant other choose you over their pets!

Fanks fer visiting us!


A very thorough list, and all extremely accurate. Mind you, if everyone paid attention to items 1 - 4 all those TV judges would be out of a job.

Mom of 3

SO true! And don't think you will ever "change " your significant other.


The first points won't fit to our laws. In Belgium, married or not the laws are the same. That's why a lot of young couples don't marry. There is no advantage at all besides for the children and even that is not important when the child has his fathers name. In Belgium a woman remains from her birth till her dead a person. All official papers are on her birth name. The husband's name is only for family, friends or other people but is not official.

Gale Martin

Some straight talk. Bravo for saying so.


Great list, but I think I'd have removed the "After you stop being a child" bit on #10. I think the current attitude of "the world owes me" that we're seeing in recent generations comes out of statements like that - if you're coddled all your life, you develop these unreasonable expectations.

On the other hand, best (and first) Christmas present I ever received from my hubby was a vaccuum cleaner ;)

Irish Church Lady

Very wise words written here.

#9 is very good for us controlling Type A personalities!! he he

Thanks for visiting my Itty Bitty TT and for playing along :)

Donna W.

You make some very valid points here. I know number 2 is right, and yet we are currently co-signed on one note with my daughter and one car loan with a grandson. So far, so good. Wish me luck.


You're a very wise woman. Experts say that money-related issues are a major cause of marital strife.

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