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May 08, 2007


Just Sharlene

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Oh dear. Cat fights over a Blobby Tail? We think Blobby Tail is cute and unique!


Lydia, I am very impressed with your artistic portrait. Silly humans sometimes can't appreciate art.


Dear Flat Cat,
I do not think your tail is blobby. I like your tail.


Nice painting :) Thanks for visiting my blog today, Lydia!


Hah ! Another tail tale ! I think I will become tail paranoiac and see tails everywhere (hope not in the swimming pool) but even if your tail is just a little short, you don't have a blobby tail ! Look at Arthur he now has a floppy tail ! What about a blobby and floppy picture ?

PS the comments on Arthur's tail are so funny I am laughing all the time when I get a new one. One friend wrote, she hoped that Arthur has not to be de-tailed !


I can see your artistic flare! We do a lot of those painting photographs especially when the picture is blury.


Sorry, but I don´t know what "blobby" means.Don´t found this word in my dictionnary, but I think your tail is nice.
Great, these artistic painting !!!
We also have fleas in Germany but we use a medicine against it :-)

Luna Spain

Hi sweet baby!
Happy Tuesday!

Suzanne R

My cats are jealous of how eloquent you are at expressing yourselves, Flat Cat and Lydia (yes, both of you). They also think your tail is handsome, Flat Cat -- it was nice of you to display it so that Lydia could let us see it. My Socks and Silver and Stevie get in fights at various times, although not all three of once, just two at a time. They haven't yet let me know just what they are arguing about, though. Maybe they will follow your example so I will understand what all the hissing and growling is about.


I think it is a wonderful tail!


Wow! Your very own cat-club blog now! Impressive--even if they fight! Love the name Blobby Tail...it has a certain 'je ne sais quoi' to it that not even the Diva can deny! Happy COT!


So Sam, you are silent... are you the Siamese of the bunch... Siamese aren't supposed to be quiet... They certainly aren't here.

Actually all the cats here act like Siamese, even the Ragdolls except they are big and fat and fluffy and sometimes it is hard to tell which end is the head and which is the tail and that can be dangerous at times.

You are a funny cat... Flat Cat....
Miss Scarlett

Mom Unplugged

Flat Cat - your tail does not look "blobby" to me. Maybe Lydia needs a "time-out!"

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