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May 28, 2007



Very nice paintings ! I just finished some too and put them on Keyhole blog for Photo Hunters. Don't worry about my cats, Mr. Gattino stays home and will spoil them to dead ! I even suspect that from time to time they like that I am going away, because then EVERYTHING is allowed ! Yes it's almost criminal ! But of course they will ignore me for a while when I come back !

Daisy the Curly Cat

More creative and fantastic art! Lydia, you are a master painter. I think you have gotten the subtleties of white cats down perfectly.

I think Flat Cat has a very cute tail though.

I am not very good at art. For the Photo Hunt this weekend, I made (whispers) a worm. Out of clay.


Lydia, you are very talented! My favourite is the oil painting! :)

Suzanne R

Lydia, you are most creative! The pictures are beautiful and I like the way you describe the process and meaning of Art. Smart kitty!


Love your cat blog and pictures! Happy COT!

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