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May 10, 2007



Oh, what a very sweet post! That is a wonderful tribute to TeaCup. I am sad about sweet TeaCup, too. But I know he is having fun playing at the Bridge now. Oh darn it, my eyes are leaking again.

Thanks for showing us all about the wonderful bubbles, too.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat

Wow, that was just amazing! I love your description of the Great Hall! How awesome to think that TeaCup is there right now! I especially like the idea of going up there in BUBBLES! WOW! Thanks for such a wonderful tribute to our fellow feline!

the meezer gang

This is the sweetest post! What a wonderful tribute! You are the nicest kitties!


First we wish to say we are late in our response and please accept our appologies. We did indeed see this when you mailed us, but our heart was still leaking and I just was out of words. I believe I still am, except to say we are very honored by your Tribute to TeaCup. We are sending you our heart. Thank you for these wonderful words and images of TeaCup. He is happy now, even though sadly missed, happy. This has brought us comfort. Thank you for your friendship and we hope to continue in this journey now having found such wonderful kitty cats and humans. Peace and Love and Purrs...

me and the bad kitty cats

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