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April 26, 2007



That's a very useful and informative post. And yet you left some of the key symptoms which a family member experienced: Freezing. Would just break out in a cold sweat and freeze. Become inert. Very frustrating for those of us watching.

Excellent job.


I've had my share as part of my delightful 20 years with clinical depression. In my experience, although having one makes you more prone to having them, with each panic attack you become more aware of what triggers them and how to minimize them.

Erica Sonnier

A great list! I full fledged panic attack when I was in high school. It was terrifying. We were at a mock trial competition and I was struggling to keep my nerves. I did my bit on the stand and as I got off my throat closed up, I felt like I was burning and I couldn't breath. I remember telling my mom "Mom! I can't breath and my throat is closing" she just said, "oh, you are just having a panic attack, step outside and just take a little walk in the fresh air" and it helped.

Luckily, I haven't had anymore of them... although, I am prone to migraines and sometimes when I have a migraine, if I get upset or if my anxiety increases it will worsen some of my symptoms and mimic a bit of a panic attack.


Luckily, I've managed to get my panic attacks under control. In recent years they have been rare and when I feel one coming on I am able to control it. A dramatic difference from the debilitating ones I experienced in my early twenties.

This is a fabulous list!


Having lived in the world of panic, I can so identify with your post. I have a separate diagnosis that inegrates with my panic and anxiety and makes dealing with them a life or death situation sometimes. Thanks for such a good list. As my daughter is learning to deal with panic disorder I will keep this page bookmarked. Though she has done well so far with biofeedback, relaxation, and only occasional medication, I know that it is a long road to travel.

Thanks again and thanks for visiting my TT.



Wow! I had my first panic attack in my 20's ... and my last several years ago when I was going through menopause.
I had them in the middle of classes ... in a group when someone was discussing their attacks ... in a hair salon ... they came and I felt like I had to escape! I haven't had one in awhile ... and I hope I don't have one ever again!
Interesting post!


Great TT. I've had panic attacks quite a bit - way too much to suit me! I've linked to you on my new blog site http://bipolarpoop.info/main/ because it's a great resource. Thanks!

supra society

Excellent post. It makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. I learn a lot, thank you! Wish you make a further progress in the future.

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