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April 24, 2007



I hope there was a happy end at least ! Was the tissu very wet ? Arthur likes to watch Tennis or Golf on TV and each time the ball falls out of the screen he looks on the floor to find it !


Wow, cat heaven sounds like a wonderful place! So, every cat has to live 9 different lives? Interesting. And the last one is as a Meezer? Hmm, I wonder if Sphynx come back as Pointed Sphynx in their ninth life (my mom was a Blue Point Sphynx.)


Hello from Flat Cat:

Gattina the lady didn't even use a tissue! She just sat there making weird sounds and with water on her face! It was disgusting! We all had to look away and the man turned off the movie so she could finish crying because we couldn't hear the movie! CATS don't cry.

But you should totally let Arthur the White Cat and his friends watch Thomasina it has a sort of happy ending. Thomasina has to come back to "Scotland" from Cat Heaven when the new lady wakes her up which I bet makes her annoyed, but then her new lady (the one that wakes her up) meets the man and the little girl and the new lady makes the man stop putting cats to sleep (stupid!). Anyway Thomasina fixes everyone's problems.

And everyone gets to go back to Cat Heaven sooner or later so it is ok.

DRAGONHEART: I asked Sam he said that a Sphynx cat would come back with 'points' in the 9th life whatever those are because those are the sign you are in your 9th life but you shouldn't listen to him. It is PROPAGANDA. Siamese cats (Meezer! Ha! I called him that and he tried to bite my tail! He said it is not P.C.! The lady yelled at him so who is an "angel" now?) always think they are better than everyone else. DON'T LISTEN TO HIM. He is a big old cat-knows-it-all!


Wow! Miss Scarlett used to have your body build, although I don't think she ever prayed in that position... maybe her brother has though. He cries a lot, and I mean tears not just the sound. Scarlett thinks he is nuts though!

The movie sounds good, and I vaguely remember it.... though I think it requires a whole box of tissues to get through.

Have a great weekend!

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