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April 03, 2007



I thought my Arthur was unic ! Because he also likes to sleep on his back with the paws like that or stretched over his head, it's so funny to look at. But he gets very angry when you only look at his tummy, touching would be a catastrophe, and you would risk your hand, lol !
Nice that you participated, I mean once a weak writing about our cats is really bearable even for non cat lovers !

Irish Church Lady

Oh you look fabulous dahling! I just love your muscular body and beautiful black coat with a bit of white. You are a Sylvester Cat!!

I agree with you too, tummy sleeping is over-rated. Back sleeping is the way to go.

Thank your Mom for visiting with Miss Crankypants Phoebe today. She brings up a good point. As bad as menopause is, I can look at Phoebe and say it could always be worse!! LOL


Nice to meet you Cal. :) I like "Cal" better than "Flat Cat". :) You most certainly are not fat! It is clear to see that you are big, muscular and a little fluffy!

You look very nice posing in your pictures. :) Thanks for visiting!


Great kitty, and what an unusual sleeping position.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Take care, Meow

Silvia / Salix

Nope, neither flat nor fat! But a cutie-pie!

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