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May 09, 2007


Naeva - Mom of 2

It's great to know some details of our favorite author...

Thomma Lyn

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your list about Nicholas, and oh dear, my cats have their own blogs, too. Yes, blogs. Plural. Two of them.

I am also a fan of Winston Churchill!

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog. :)


It's wonderful to learn more about people who's blogs we read - and especially timely as I'll be heading over to your hubby's blog to view his latest book list very soon ;)

Dane Bramage

Its great to know someone so well. Great list .Thanks for stopping by my Thursday 13 #41 - The De-motivational Posters edition!

Rene Lyons

I don't even know myself this well. lol


British comedies rawk!!! I'm a huge Python fan myself .. :) Thank you for stopping by, and happy TT ... :) I can't figure out Mr Linky either btw, so I added the blogroll to my sidebar. Cheers!

Lauren Dane

Wow, I'm pretty sure my husband wouldn't know all those details. Love the jazz list, many of my own faves are there.


Thanks for introducing me to your husband! He and I have quite a few things in common: the jazz, tea addict, favo tv and films. I might check his novel out! :-)
Thank you for visiting my TT.

Mark Caldwell

I saw an ad on the bus a few years ago advertising for new special constables. Unfortunately whoever wrote it hadn't thought through the use of their opening headline phrase "Are you special?" (a phrase I'd never use used as an insult to suggest someone is stupid).

Lisa (qtpies7)

What a great blog about your spouse! I should try that, boost his ego a bit!

Nancy Bond

A very comprehensive and interesting list! It was very nice to "meet" him. Thanks for your visit this week!

Angela Klocke

I noticed you came into my blog and the stats say Williston, FL. (My Jane blog for Thurs. 13) -- Do you live there or in Gainesville? I'm from Williston - grew up there and know the area well. Used to write for The Williston Pioneer :)

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