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December 13, 2007



Well, those are interesting!

Adelle Laudan

Awww! I just love all of these. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!

Dane Bramage

I'm calling PETA on the baby hamster torturers. They should have burned the video evidence of their "keyboarding". And what was that cat loving turtle on? He (she?) was moving pretty fast towards the end of the clip there. Maybe it was Donatello or Raphael.

Well it’s TT #60 for me this week. 13 Things I Want For Christmas But Will Never Get!

Stop by and add something to the list!


Sadly my dial up makes videos a no-no, but I can still lookit the pictures. -grin-

The jerboas are adorable. As a rodent lover I want one! I'm not big on hamster love though...they bite me too much.


Aaahhhh!!! How cute! And no, we can't have one. Of any of them, especially the camel!


OMG, a post on your regular blog, yipee! Great TT. I love those videos...maybe we could share a fox (ship it back and forth) and Nicholas, the cats, my dogs and Mr. Vixen wouldn't notice?


We went to the Vancouver aquarium last spring. I love love LOVE those otters!

Ivan Girl

wow, very interesting videos.
thanks for visiting my T13. =)


I want one...which covers just about everything shown save the camel. Can't have any of them either. *Pout*



These were absolutely wonderful. Each and everyone of them is a gem. Thank you so much for posting these. I'm a big animal lover, and now I've discovered one or two new ones to love! The music on the Lemur video was used in the movie Madagascar - an animated movie which featured... Lemurs, among other things. Btw, just to let you know, I had just installed my Mr. Linky today and was having trouble with it when you came by, but I have disabled no follow. If you want to come back and fill Mr. Linky so others can see you you are welcome to do so.

No Nonsense girl

Those were great!!!! Happy TT!

Tilly Greene

I didn't know turtles could move so fast! Love must give them a little extra juice in their engines :-)

Those are fantastic, thank you!


The Chickens of Peace are wonderful.
If the turtle were a snapping turtle the cat might be more attentive, well more careful anyway.

Thanks for stopping by Brainfreeze.

Happy TT and Merry Christmas.

AtomiK Kitten

And just who doesn't love dancing lemurs? Hmm? LOL I don't know what the other one says about you...probably that you agree or you've been there!


Wow -- what a marvelous idea for T-13. I only had time to watch a couple, but I've bookmarked this page to return later at my leisure to savor the rest. My 2nd T-13 is up and ready earlier than my 1st was last week.
Hugs and blessings,


Oooh... those are sooo cuuuuteeeee...


Great list. I love that RARE LONG-EARED JERBOA which was on TV all week (which incidentally I think looks like Matt Lauer)!


Wonderful post. Lemurs are adorable. I love all the animals.I live way out in the country and get to see a lot of them. Nothing so exotic, mostly "critters" but I did get to see an ostrich once, just walking down the road...LOL. Have fun with the "personal" blog again!

Rian Fike

Funny, furry, fabulous!


Very cute. I love the cat and the turtle!
Happy tt!


Those jerboas are adorable, as are the fennec foxes.


Great list, I'll have to come back to watch them all, and thanks so much for stopping by! :)


Couldn't watch them all...I'll be back this afternoon to look at all the videos. But I watched the hamster...hilarious! :)


Those pandas were too cute!


Oh, I really got a kick out of the cat and the turtle. Hmmm, I'm going to have to find a way to use that on one of my Daily Inspiration posts. (just bookmarked your blog so watch out - I may steal that video idea soon).

And yes, you should join me on My Power Mall! (http://lovemypowermall.com) It is a good deal. End of commercial...

Happy TT-13!



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