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December 13, 2007


Nicole Austin

Awww...they're all so cute. I think that some otters would be perfect for the bathtub. LOL!

Happy TT!

Nap Warden

Hmmm, I don't know what's up but the videos didn't load for me...Happy TT!


The fox video recalled to mind the 40-50-year accelerated research by a Russian group to domesticate Silver Foxes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tame_Silver_Fox). So far, the result has been foxes that are more dogs than foxes.

Nice stuff. Thanks for dropping by twc, too. (http://www.thirdworldcounty.us/?p=3320)

Pamela Kramer

Fantastic! I love the pandas.


What strange animals!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs

I really enjoyed this wonderful and very interesting animal-related TT! Great collection of videos. :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by my TT!


As promised, I've returned. Things were very S L O W yesterday, but are faster now. I created a comment in "Word" as I watched, but for some reason I can't paste it here ... sigh! Perhaps I'm just not patient enough to wait for the option to come up? Anyway, these video clips are precious indeed and I'm glad I came back. Molly (my Lab pup) came over to see what was wrong when the Fennec Fox cried. She does the same thing when the Christmas Cats "sing" at Small Reflections. I guess her ears are attuned to animal cries. Such HUGE EARS and a fluffy tail .. oh my! I hope the hamster doesn't have brain damage from the fall. How could they laugh and give him back his popcorn as if nothing had happened? Sadistic perhaps. As for training animals, methinks I'll stick to dogs ... but this camel clip was intriguing as was seeing the lion cub with the domestic cat. Regarding the turtle and the cat I'm reminded of the two large tortoises I had for a while. They couldn't have cared less about my Beagle, but Charly found them fascinating. Methinks the dog enjoyed watching them "right themselves" after he turned them upside down. Who knew porcupines got hiccups? Instead of muskrat love, perhaps the song could have been about otter love? As for the pandas in the snow ... just too cute for words. This is the best T-13 I've seen.
Hugs and blessings,


Aww, I love your videos!!!!! So cute!

Thanks for stopping by my TT!


Aww, so tweet, me too wanna the porcupine, panda and the tweet turtle...

Thanks for stopping by

Happy TT!


I Want One Too!!! I tried to talk my husband into a miniature teddy bear hamster, but he inquired if I meant to put the little guy in a hamster ball and let our 10 (yeah TEN) felines give the poor critter heart failure. Hard to argue with that kind of logic. Those are some seriously adorable hamsters though!

Blue Momma

Those were great! Just made my animal crazy three year olds morning.

And probably made him late for school, but hey, who can pass up a quality animal post!


Wonderfully adorable! I have to show this to my kiddos... when they wake up! TFS

Andi & Stien

Oh, do people really keep foxes as pets? And the turtle and the cat were sooo cute :D
Happy TT!

Moondancer Drake

The otters will always be my fav. Sooooo sweet. The hiccuping porupine was very cute too. Nice collection of vids.



Enjoyed the slides! Thank you for stopping by! *smiles*


The pandas were sooooo cute I had to put them on my own blog.

Tiffany Aller

Awww...the little fox is so dang cute...has ears just like my Chihuahua...I WANT ONE! Great list! :-)


HAHAH That is too great! I love it! Aww animals. Great, great TT!


Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Love your animal videos! I need to video my border collies in action - they are an entertaining bunch.



The panda's are so cute!


Awwww.....how cute these are. I want one of those foxy things to and who doesn't love to see Pandas play like that. I'm gonna watch these over and over again. Thanks for stopping by. Toodles, Maryanne


Awwww.....how cute these are. I want one of those foxy things to and who doesn't love to see Pandas play like that. I'm gonna watch these over and over again. Thanks for stopping by. Toodles, Maryanne


I added a lot of those to my YouTube favourites. Great list!
Thanks for visiting my best wishes TT.


This TT makes me want to watch Animal Planet. I don't blame your 3 cats for not wanting any part of the Fennec Fox.

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