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January 09, 2008



What neat pictures. All of them are really interesting in their own right. I like the colors in # 5 and the pier in # 9. Thanks for sharing these.


What neat pictures. All of them are really interesting in their own right. I like the colors in # 5 and the pier in # 9. Thanks for sharing these.


No. 9 is wonderful. I love the sort of retro posters and wooden cut outs of the big elf and friends that some places have out for Christmas. This image says it all twice and makes me wonder about the viewer. There's a loneliness about it that is quite touching.


That is a wonderful set of photos. A really brilliant idea for a TT!

Nicole Austin

Great pictures! #9 makes me want to go north and find some snow to play in. :D

Happy TT! Thanks for your comments on my blog.


THese are beautiful-- and what an interesting theme you've chosen.


Very nice photo essay. I will have to check these photographers out. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Very cool pictures! Glad you liked mine; there are only 489 more to post... Seriously! Although I may not post them all before turning back to fiction; it seems a bit ... much. Don't you think?


I love number 12. Happy TT!

On a Limb with Claudia

Boy, when I saw your topic, I wasn't sure what it would be. This is a great topic (well done, N.). And what great photos. I love the old black and white ones.

I don't remember where in Florida you live. Do you see this there? We had it when I lived in Venice Beach - bathrooms in particular. Oh yeah, that happens here too!

Happy TT!


Wow. What wonderful pictures. :) Happy TT!

Gabriella Hewitt

What a cool idea for a TT. I have to remember that. There were some very eye-catching photos there, particularly #6. There's something ghostly about that one.

Happy TT!


Its almost kinda sad...however, I am a winter girl myself:) Great list and pics. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

Ann Bruce

I love these pics! I think #9 would be really cool framed and hung on my wall.


There is something to be said about solitude.

My TT is a little less serious than yours this week. I have a really stressful job and TT is a one way I can vent without finishing off a whole bottle of wine.

Happy TT!

The Gal Herself

I especially like the b&w shots. The beauty of the snow, the isolation in the cold … these are lovely. (Thanks for visiting my TT)


Like everyone says, I like them all. How brilliant of you to find them all. I am a country/camping/nature girl at heart and the 'Big Trees' is somewhere I have been many times and its even more beautiful in winter. But something about that very first one (a place I have never been and rarely have seen in pictures even) really appealed to me. The colors, the quiet, the almost sad emptiness of it...

Thanks for sharing.

Michelle B

What wonderful photos and a great theme. Thanks for sharing!


What striking photos, an excellent choice of theme.

Thank you too for your kind words over on my blog.


Great photos but it's a pity they are all closed. Over here we only have 2 seasons.
Thanks for the visit.


What a diverse set of pictures. Beautiful and evocative.


What a diverse set of pictures. Beautiful and evocative.

Rian Fike

This is real art, what a wonderful way to wake up this morning. Thank you.


I always enjoy my visits to your blogs (and your husband’s). This week’s T-13 is wonderful as always. Being new to blogging, there's so much I have to learn. I don't know what Creative Commons is or how to search it, but I'd love to know ... so I've added it to my ever-growing list of "next steps" as a newbie blogger. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,


What a great cross section of the country "closed for the Winder." Beautiful pictures evocative of loneliness and emptiness. Beautiful!! Thanks for visiting me!

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