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February 13, 2008



These are just beautiful. Makes me want to hop on a plane!


I love the houses on the hills...they remind me of a little neighborhood in San Diego where we took our children to show them how hilly it can be. (They grew up partly in Florida where speed bumps were about the only hills we dealt with.)


Oh wow, those are gorgeous! Certainly makes me want to go back to Cali for a visit. I think my next TT will be in pictures :)


The photos are absolutely stunning. I'm so glad you added your comments. I don't know which is more descriptive, your comments or the pictures.


What a treat! Non fatting yet sweet. I'm thinking the first one looks like building confetti.


I love the landscapes. You put a lot of effort into your T13, and it shows. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for visiting my very first T13


I used to live in Pleasanton! Small world! Happy Thursday!


Wonderful photos and very interesting descriptions!

Michelle B

Fabulous photos. Thanks for sharing!

Infinity Goods

Very good choice of photos. The colors are so vibrant even in the night shots. They are very interesting. #10 is full of opposites contrasting each other. I like the sunburst effect on the streetlights too.


Nice photos. Thanks for visiting me TT.

Bazzer Higgins

Very beautiful pictures, especially the Golden gate Bridge.


I love them! Great list. Happy TT!


These make me long to return to San Francisco and lose myself in its mysteries.

My husband's aunt and uncle live in one of those painted ladies and I've always found their neighborhood one of the world's most enchanting.


You are so right about how powerful these photos are. Amazing. It makes me miss my hometown (I grew up there). Sigh.

Happy TT.


I love the last one! It's so pretty. The houses almost look like toys.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Oh, you are SO making me miss the Bay Area! Especially with the Writer's Conference just starting up out there... ugh. I SO want to be there. It's not fair.


Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! These are magnificent. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,


Anything that brings bits of the world to me is always a gift, so thank you!

Happy...Today. :)


Moondancer Drake

I think #13 is my fav. Such amazing visuals.

Nicole Austin

The photos are amazing! I can't imagine living so cramped together as in #13. Wow!

Linda R. Moore

Brilliant choice of pictures. :) I love a slate gray sky: it's often a wonderful foil for any bright object.

Thanks for visiting my TT. I did one at each of the four Raven blogs this week (roads, rides, range, rv).

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