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February 06, 2008



I especially like the DeeDee pics! It's been quite a while since I visited SL. Thanks for reminding me!
My TT gives you 13 quotes by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Comedy Plus

Very different. Colorful and surreal at the same time. Very well done. Have a great TT. :)


These really are amazing. They are fantastic in the true sense of the word. Makes me long for daylight so I can look again at the real thing. Thanks for an interesting post.


Wow, they're very surreal and very beautiful. Wonderful pictures!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Those really are amazing. I'm not sure I get the whole SL concept, but that's okay for now. The pictures you posted are speaking to me; they are calm and restful and simply amazing.

Happy TT!

marcia v

Very cool graphics


Those are great....its amazing how far we have come in graphics:) Happy TT.


Great stuff. I was totally surprised and pleased to see a different side of you.



Beautiful pics from SL! I'm amazed at the places folks can come up with and create in there. I agree about the whole avatars getting so wrapped up in one world that it causes a bit of reality distortion/confusion. Good idea for a TT!

SJ Reidhead


The Pink Flamingo

SJ Reidhead


The Pink Flamingo


I am so finding a way to get myself to an over-water bungalo in Tahiti.



Those are gorgeous. I've managed to avoid Second Life despite reserving my name there. But you're giving me reason to go and spend some time there. Although I don't know if it has a "sight-seeing" option for me to explore...

Happy TT



Like a window into another world.Thanks for the beauty.


Like a window into another world.Thanks for the beauty.

Hootin' Anni

I really REALLY love #s 11 and 12!!!

My 13 is all about the Chinese New Year that begins today. Come see which symbol you are. I love visitors.


I enjoyed looking at these pictures. #1 reminded me of the movie What Dreams May Come.

Penelope Anne

4 & 7 & 9 really grabbed me, I loved this.
Second Life featured big on a CSI: New York episode earlier this year, the video game, so this is an interesting concept. Great TT theme.


Wow, these are pretty amazing! Happy TT!


I feel so ignorant right now... I've heard of Second Life, but have never checked it out and don't really know what possibilities if offers. So yes, these a pretty pictures of course, but I have no reference points for them. Interesting topic. Happy TT!


These are lovely indeed. I've never heard of Second Life ... but enjoyed seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs and blessings,


My faveorite is number 9. It's beautiful.

Happy TT!


Those are beautiful pictures. Some are so realistic that they look more like photographs than cartoons. I have been into Second Life but somehow I haven't found the attraction. I prefer to see the sights this way than by actually visiting.


You have expanded my horizons with this post. Those pictures are lovely and thought-provoking. Great TT


Oh, I love these. But you visited me, so you know I love rich color. Just beautiful. #3 Orient is my favorite... I love fantastical architecture.

Fun. So glad I came by.

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