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April 22, 2007



Obama's Plan does allows some leeway for the unexpected.

"Senator Obama introduced legislation in January 2007 to offer a responsible alternative to President Bush's failed escalation policy. The legislation commences redeployment of U.S. forces no later than May 1, 2007 with the goal of removing all combat brigades from Iraq by March 31, 2008 -- a date consistent with the bipartisan Iraq Study Group's expectations. The plan allows for a limited number of U.S. troops to remain in Iraq as basic force protection, to engage in counter-terrorism and to continue the training of Iraqi security forces. If the Iraqis are successful in meeting the 13 benchmarks for progress laid out by the Bush Administration, this plan also allows for the temporary suspension of the redeployment, provided Congress agrees that the benchmarks have been met."

See a comparison of the plans here:

I don't think Hillary's plan (as of now) allows much leeway for the unexpected.


You may well be correct. It's the emotionalism I was objecting to, in any case. I realize he has to be responsive to voters, but he needs to be careful that he doesn't give the impression that he's guaranteeing that he will do what he may not be able to do.

I like him very much, but feel he may need a turn as VP before he takes on the whole show. I may live to retract this. "Retraction" is my middle name.

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