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May 13, 2007


Rich Paul

Of course she would be happy to enforce bad medical care at gunpoint, and impoverish us all with her social programs. I think they call that "aiding the poor by giving them company". But if she doesn't care who her husband sleeps with, I'm sure I don't either.

Rich Paul

Well, her husband didn't personally use firebombs. He was none the less responsible for the Children Fricassee in Waco. Like must jack booted thugs, his stormtroopers were "just following orders".

Which has absolutely nothing to do with Hillary, of course. There's little to suggest she had much control over Bill. As for the unfortunate events at Waco, I have a somewhat different take on it (not being a libertarian), but not one I am willing to argue about or defend. Calling names ---"jack-booted thugs" and "stormtroopers"---is to express a conclusion and not a fact.

Once you've pinned a label on someone there is no longer any way to comprehend the reality, whatever it might have been---and no incentive to do so either. It's certainly a tactic, ad hominem attacks, but a bit disingenuous. Furthermore, as noted, this has nothing to do with Hillary OR with the topic of this post, so let's leave it there.

Rich Paul

You're right, and I'm normally not a hothead. I have no idea what got into me. Please ignore (or at your option, delete) my previous comment, and I apologize for the tone.

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