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July 27, 2008



"If Obama is elected, will he prove that African-Americans are now on an equal par with white Americans and can be assumed to have no disadvantages?"

What about the converse? If McCain wins, will that prove African Americans are not yet on par with white Americans and can be assumed to be at a serious disadvantage?


If this is satire, it's pretty good--maybe a little over the top. Otherwise, this is the dumbest thing I've ever read.

Roger McFarlane

"He has now realized that if anything it is white men, not women and minorities, who are discriminated against."

Seriously? I'm not even a proponent of affirmative actions, but that's just an embarrassingly ignorant statement. You truly have no idea what it mean to be discriminated against.

And just for the record, Obama's success does nothing to "prove" that we have raised the millions of people who live as second-class citizens in this country -- be it for racial, social, or economic reasons -- to equal footing with the rest.


My friend is writing satire. He didn't want me to write SATIRE on it. he said it was so over the top that people would get it.

Sadly, it's not that different from some of the stuff one sees coming from the right.

s. danori

I agree -- this is satire. The author has done a fine, funny job mocking the views of right-wing ignoramuses.


WOW. Great use of satire. Too bad things have gotten so extreme on the web that one can no longer tell satire from the serious. A true sign of the times. I would like to use this post to give to my high school students in my critical thinking class to see if they can tell this is satire.

Jon Swift

If only you had heeded my warnings about the dangers of using satire. Other than that it was a great piece. I agree with everything you said.

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